Our story

In cooperation with some trendsetting Belgian breweries and triggered by a demand from the market, Ecodraft developed a range of kegs with technical and commercial assets.

Ecodraft offers a premium alternative HDPE keg for beer, wine and other (non-) carbonated beverages. Thanks to their lightweight, reduced diameter and solid robust handles, these kegs are very ergonomic and easy to handle. We offer re-usable kegs in 10L, 18L and 30L. In addition, the kegs are available with industry standard couplers and can easily be connected to all existing filling lines and tapping installations.

Meanwhile, we continue our creative eco-thinking, focusing on new packaging solutions, by which the Ecodraft collection keeps expanding. Every business, whether big or small, can contact our motivated team of technical-commercial employees. The Cardiff Group nv. will gratefully share its findings and questions will always be treated confidentially.

Our philosophy

We believe in a better and greener environment, and we are happy to contribute! By using our reusable technology, you are not only thinking about the preservation of fresh taste, but also on the reduction of your waste management and ecological footprint. Together with our dedicated Ecodraft team and our reusable eco-thinking, we help the world and its environment be green again.

Already changing your mindset about recycling and focusing more on the first two stages of the Waste Hierarchy would be a good step forward in helping the waste problem worldwide.

Reusable kegs that fill your needs & save our environment

+ 80% less waste vs one-way kegs 

+ No more innerkeg rinsing operations (water & chemicals)  

+ Reducing CO2 on transport 

+ Reusing 100% Ecodraft kegs

Newest awards

Award "Best Environmentally Friendly Packaging"

This WBIA-award is a great confirmation and an awareness for more ecological packaging within the industry. “Our products bring a new Eco-Thinking 2.0 forward with a constant focus on reusability, which is one of the top pillars in the Waste Hierarchy."

"Water-intensive rinsing operations and detergents are unnecessary with Ecodraft kegs. The reduction of waste at breweries and bars, as well as, the reduction of energy and CO2 for product recycling and transport, add additional ecological values to our story."

Talented people

Ecodraft is always growing, expanding and looking for the right person in the right spot. Our latest vacancies from our head office in Genk can be found on our Dutch website and on our social media. If there’s currently no opportunity matching your profile, please feel free to contact us at jobs@ecodraft.com with a spontaneous application.